• The global logistics business is going to be transformed by digitisation

    THE Munich Maersk, which entered service in June 2017, is a testament to the technological marriage of information and transportation. Its bridge looks like a very spacious cockpit. Packed with computer screens, it is all glass, no brass—with a wheel that looks more like a pilot’s control column. Sailing her 214,000 tonnes from port to port takes a crew of just 28. Loading and unloading the 20,000 containers she carries only needs the supervision of one crew member.

    The Munich Maersk, though, is a high-end exception—one of the best ships in the up-to-the-minute fleet of the biggest shipping company in the world. It shows what can be done. But at the moment the industry’s big issue is what is being left undone.

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  • Warehousing 2018: from cost centre to growth centre

    Warehousing operations and IT professionals need to respond positively to the significant changes and challenges that will be influencing the industry over the next five years – or face disaster.



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  • Industrial most sought-after asset class for Europian commercial real estate investors

    • Industrial and logistics preferred sector for 33% of EMEA investors, surpassing office for the first time
    • Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London most sought after European cities for investment
    • 33% of investors plan to deploy more capital in 2018 than in 2017
    • Platform activity to remain strong in 2018
    • 70% of investors actively pursuing investments in alternatives


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  • Collaboration in transport and information interchange will be essential for the future logistics industry

    • 1,067 de Logístics & Supply Chain directors have participated in the SIL’s IX Círculo Logístico Barometer and certify that innovation and analytical capability are essential qualities for a good logistics person.
    • Only a 49.9% of the respondents considered that the figure of the Logistics Director is well valued by the company’s Managing Director.
    • There has been a decrease in the companies’ investment in sustainability, as well as the implementation of 44 tons in the goods’ transport by road, although they are still a majority 56.7%


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  • Dear friends!

    May all your dreams come true! Happy New Year 2018!

    Thank's of your friendship and confidence!


    Sincerly yours, Formag Forwarding


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