Aircraft engines delivery to Miami

In 2019, the aircraft service company KONKORD AEROTECHNIK LLC accepted an order for the repair of two JT8D-200 aircraft engines from a BOEING MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-83 civil aviation aircraft from the Nigerian airline Dana Airlines. By the end of the repair works, the cargo had to be delivered to Miami.

Formag is always happy to undertake non-standard tasks and this one was not an exception. But before the aircraft engines were sent to Miami from Odesa port, company specialists had had to overcome a lot of difficulties.

Loading of the engines on the 40’FR platform took place in Boryspil airport. Usually, the procedure of issuing a pass to enter the territory takes three days, but the shipper was requesting additional documents several times, which led to significant time loss. In a week the car drove into the airport. When the engines were loaded to the platform, the sender was not able to fasten them properly. The problem had to be solved as fast as possible. The search for required tension chains started at night - right after the loading. There were no chains in Kyiv, so they were ordered in Bila Tserkva and received a day after.

When the cargo had been fastened and delivered to the port of loading, a new problem appeared. Due to the complexity of the settlements between the customer and the contractor, the shipper asked to postpone the shipment of the engines until payment would be received. As a result, the 40’FR container spent two additional weeks at the Brooklyn-Kyiv Port terminal.

Finally, on February 18, the cargo was loaded and sent to Miami, where the happy customer is waiting for it.