Coffee break in eco format: Odessa by CSR

  As a reminder here are the main principles of CSR:

- companies of different scale fulfill social obligations according to the law and  are ready to incur relevant indiscretionary expenses;

- companies are ready to incur discretionary expenses on social needs above norms stipulated by tax, labor, environmental or any other law and guided by own moral, ethical rules.

 CSR international common rules purport production of sufficient volumes of goods and services quality of which complies with all mandatory norms and legal requirements to conducting business; respect for rights of employees to safe work with certain social benefits including new job formation; assist in receiving advanced training for the employees; environmental protection and economizing nonrenewable natural resources;  protection of cultural heritage; support of governmental efforts aimed to develop areas where the company is located, support of local social institutions.

  Formag Forwarding holding maintains an active position in implementing principles of corporate social responsibility into every day life of the offices naturally not without eager and enthusiastic participation of our employees.

  Thus our colleagues from Formag office in Odessa started the year introducing a new useful practice to help protect and preserve the environment. Since November 2018 they stopped using plastic and paper cups and other items made of food grade plastic.

  Odessites say that this has not affected the taste of their favorite drinks but has become their contribution to global ecological movement.