Information update on the matter of situation in China

Due to the Coronavirus situation, many productions/shipments were stopped and/or hold in China as many shipping companies, shipping lines, factories, trucking companies were closed in the majority of the month of Feb.

Despite the situation is starting to resuming back to normal, there are still some areas such as Huabei Province with more limited operations.

Trucking service has been almost fully resumed. Still, there might be some areas with limited service, so each request should be checked.

Space for air-transportation is extremely limited due to the PAX flights cancellations around China and Hong Kong. Rates are increasing dramatically fast and the validity doesn’t reach a week period, so we suggest to be aware of the cargo ready date trying to avoid changes in the quotations. Moreover, airlines already stop offering spot rate options, and some urgent shipments were moved by express service. Some airlines (SV/EY/TK) suspend their direct services to some destinations like JED, RUH and MED. EK has faced

the backlog so new bookings are accepted alternatively. UPS and PO are not accepting bookings at the moment. Other services have been affected as well, TK and CV are increasing the rates quickly.

Shipping lines and terminals are operating in a standard mode. But many shippers are preferring to arrange the shipments by air, due to previously omitted voyages in February.