Formag Forwarding took part in S-FRUIT TRANSFORMATION forum

On the 31st of January Artem Moroz, project manager of transportation of perishable goods talked about the particularity of the conditions of fruits and vegetable transportation at S-FRUIT TRANSFORMATION forum.

The topic was not chosen accidentally - Formag Forwarding is a member of WCA Perishables and LLN, and its employees have IATA certificates for transportation of perishable cargo. Artem talked about marking and packaging, special equipment, specificities of the shipping and his personal experience. Participation in the forum can be useful for both freight forwarding companies and exporting companies. That is the possibility to find potential business partners, talk about your company and learn something new.

Artem points out that during the two days he has acquainted with representatives of the leading companies in the field and Ukrainian Business Hub in UAE which is responsible for Ukrainian products promotion abroad.

Extensive preparation is the main point for such events: the topic has to be interesting and useful for participants, the speaker has to be aware of the theme. At the moment there are just a few companies dealing with the shipping of perishable goods that’s why the information provided by Formag Forwarding was useful for most of the participants.

Participation in S-FRUIT TRANSFORMATION forum has been a priceless experience and great possibility to share knowledge with colleagues and partners for Formag Forwarding.