Formag got WCA Perishables membership

WCA is the world’s largest network of independent freight forwarders, which was founded to provide comfortable and safe conditions for cooperation in the industry. Over the past 20 years WCA has continuously grown to encompass a range of specialised services (WCA includes 11 different segments), set new standards in the industry and add high-value membership benefits.

Formag has been a WCA member since 2013. Due to this, we can be sure of the trustworthiness of our partners, use the Gold Medallion program, which guarantees the security of transactions between enrolled members, share experiences at private events, organized specifically for WCA members.

This year Formag has become the member of WCA Perishables.  Perishable cargoes are one of the company’s specializations and we pay special attention to its development. What does Formag membership in WCA Perishables mean for our clients:

  1. Professionalism.  To become a member, a Perishable forwarder must demonstrate its quality, experience and financial strength.
  2. Special insurance policy. WCA Perishables members have exclusive access to a suite of industry-leading insurance products and special low rates on total E&O/Legal Liability coverage.
  3. Complex problem solving. Due to the network of high-professional business partners in 849 cities, WCA Perishables members have possibility to provide full range of services, connected to transportation of the perishable cargoes.

We are constantly developing and improving the level of our service to give the client a sense of confidence and security. WCA Perishables membership makes it simpler.