High-quality service is provided by reliable employees

In the country with more than 170 thousand km of roads and a freight traffic volume of road transportation of about 100 million tons per year, container transportation by road is an important component of the multimodal door-to-door cargo delivery process. And Formag Forwarding has a special attitude to this process.

Being a part of an international holding GTI, we attach great importance to the quality of each segment of our business, and our motor car park is not an exception. Over a quarter-century, the company provides its clients and partners with confidence in just-in-time delivery.

But, in the mode of endless negotiations with suppliers, logisticians and brokers, at the moments of coordination of contractors and preparation of all necessary documents, how often do we think about people who create the conditions for safe and timely delivery? The highest quality of service is provided not by our 70 cars, but by our qualified employees who drive them. It does not matter whether the roads are covered with ice and snow, or the summer heat is so unbearable that asphalt is melted by it, and even during a pandemic, when any outdoor activity is life-threatening, some people do their duty.

In-time delivery of goods is strategically important for any business, and qualified and reliable people make it possible.