Part 2 - LCL department manager Oleg Voskoboynikov answers popular questions on the matter of groupage cargo

Every week LCL department manager Oleg Voskoboynikov tells about a favorite job and answers popular questions on the matter of groupage cargo.

Are there any differences in customs legalization and accompanying forms processing for groupage cargoes?

Container is a tare, the same as a car with awning trailer. The only difference is that you must define the type of transport on border and the type of transport inside the country. It means that for FCL deliveries we indicate “container - container” and for LCL – “container - car with awning trailer”. Instead of 11, you point out 30 in a field #26. Cargo codes, customs duties are the same for both FCL and LCL deliveries.

Moreover, sometimes customs brokers find it easier to clear cargo in groupage container than in separate. Sometimes we get orders for LCL deliveries for 20-25 cubic meters. We try to give special tariffs for such cargoes.

Which cargoes are forbidden for transportation in groupage container?

IMO cargoes, liquids and live animals are forbidden for both sea and rail transportation. Foodstuffs are not welcomed, but it depends on the packaging. We deliver coffee and tea, but cakes, juice or alcohol won’t be accepted. Accordingly, commercial general cargoes such as equipment, fabric, etc. are suitable for shipping. Spices, antiques, intellectual property are also treated with caution. Recently, even toys with batteries have been accepted for transportation. Batteries themselves are flammable and are not welcomed. But, once were accepted as an exception. We shipped 1000 batteries for laptops. It was hazardous cargo, but fortunately it was successfully delivered to Moldova. For rail delivery there would be no exceptions.

What do you like most about your job?

Most of all, I like to see a happy and grateful client by the end of the delivery, doesn't matter if it was complicated or not. I like when the customer thanks driver, who drove his goods to him, thanks girls, who handled the delivery, when a new customer calls because someone has recommended us to him. It motivates, gives strength to deal with difficult projects. There are ups and downs in logistic. But the client knows that some situations are beyond our control. And even after failures the customer comes back to us. This loyalty makes you work and educate your colleagues.