Importance of packaging and insurance for LCL shipments

LCL transportation advantages are obvious: if you need to deliver a small consignment, it will be much more profitable to use consolidated container and to share transportation charges with other shippers. But you should keep in mind that the risk of cargo damage during the LCL delivery is higher.

To secure your goods during the LCL transportation it is important to provide packing instructions to the shipper due to goods palletization at the agent’s warehouse is quite expensive. It is better to require photos of the packed cargo before delivery.

We have experience of dental and cosmetology equipment deliveries, as well as we regularly deliver expensive electronics, spare parts and equipment. You can be sure of the cargo safety while it is at the warehouse, but its safety during the transportation is possible only if the goods are properly packed in a hard plywood box or similar strong container.

In case of transportation of expensive or fragile cargo, we strongly recommend to take out insurance. This insignificant expense can save you a serious amount of money. The insurance policy will relieve you of worries about possible risks and allow you not to expose yourself to unnecessary stress.

It had happened to one of ours clients. He ordered the transportation of decorative plants for a large shopping center in Dnepr. By the grand opening of the shopping center it was necessary to establish an alley of artificial trees. The consignment was being delivered as a part of the consolidated container. Before the goods were delivered to the agent’s warehouse, the client had asked us to issue an insurance policy that would cover the entire route. Shipper had used low-quality packaging materials - thin cardboard without a wooden frame, which led to the breakdown of the branches and partial damage to the cargo. As soon as the damage had been discovered, our legal department had contacted the insurance company, which recovered losses to the client, and we managed to deliver new trees to the opening of the shopping center.