Pros and cons of a big company

Formag Forwarding has been on the market for the last 28 years. During this time the company has grown steadily. And the team grows too. But an atmosphere in the company remains the same.

Karina came to Formag Forwarding in September 2020. She was working in a small forwarding company for 2,5 years before. Today she can grasp the distinction between working in a big company and a small firm.

1. People

First of all, she had some concerns on the matter of the atmosphere in the team. There is an opinion about cut-through competition in big companies. But now Karina points out that the most valuable thing in Formag Forwarding is colleagues attitude. Every employee tries to help and behaves very calmly and balanced even in stressful situations.

2. Motivation

The absence of the head of sales and the loyal attitude of the bosses shocked Karina. Each member of the team simply does his job without any coercion. People are motivated and delighted to work.

3. Privileges

Big company — big privileges. The agency base allows you to work anywhere and with anyone. A huge product portfolio allows you to provide any services in the industry. The experience and fame of the company are strong arguments for the client. And most importantly, the manager is not limited in attracting new customers. Small firms try to give preference to old customers to minimize risks.

4. Stability

Even in an era of global uncertainty, people can be confident in the future. Many years of history, a strong brand, big budgets and global development make you feel safe.

Of course, there are disadvantages. For example, in a large company, much attention is paid to document management, which leads to a certain bureaucracy, but it is to achieve the legal security of managers. Confirmation from several people is required to sign one document. Due to the very clearly defined structure of the organization, there is no such flexibility in the decision-making and quick working solutions as in a small company.

It's up to you to build a career in a large holding or to prefer a small firm, but remember that Formag Forwarding is always happy with a new face.