Caring for employees

«Everything goes by, this too shall pass…» — Masha Chebruchan, hr-manager, started her webinar on stress management with this phrase from the well-known legend about the ring of King Solomon.

Compulsory quarantine has a negative impact not only on the world economy but on humans' mental health. According to McKinsey consumer survey from March 27-29, 63% of respondents reported feeling anxious or depressed due to pandemic of COVID-19. People are worried about the health and safety of their families, their work, and the ability to live the lives they love.

The World Health Organization has noted that depression and anxiety are well-known drivers of lower productivity. This loss of productiveness has an estimated cost to the global economy of $1 trillion per year. That is why care about the employees is now more important than ever before. Both physical and mental health should be constantly monitored.

In such a way, an idea of regular online-meetings on stress management appeared in Formag Forwarding. During the webinars, Masha Chebruchan discusses with employees their mental state, finds out the reasons for their worries, and helps to find a solution. People should know that they are not lonely in their anxieties, that experiencing stress is natural and it’s worth focusing on simple things now.

We do not know what’s going to happen, but we know that our employees requiring care and support.