Natalia Sokolvak tells about new transshipment and warehouse complex

In 2019 Formag Forwarding has started construction of a transshipment and warehouse complex. Though one of the buildings has been still under construction, storage and handling services are providing at the warehouse. Natalia Sokolvak tells about the goals, technical characteristics of the complex, services, and the planned completion date of the new building.

Formag Forwarding always tries to distance itself from competitors and create the most comfortable service for the client. Building our warehouse complex, we left the niche of forwarding business and became a full-fledged carrier. We provide our own vehicles to the place of loading, store the cargo at our warehouse, provide forwarding services and ship the goods to any part of the world by shipping lines that are operated by the holding.

Today, there is a possibility to place up to 1000 tons of grain cargo in a roofed warehouse, and by the end of October, the second building is planned to be finished, in which there will be three separate cells with a cargo capacity of 650 tons each, for storing various grain crops. One of the main location advantages is the presence of the railway line, which allows accepting up to 10 hopper wagons. There is also an area for the storage of packaged goods that do not require covered storage.

The transshipment and warehouse complex is equipped with all the necessary facilities: a grain thrower, two fork and bucket loaders, cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 36 tons, a belt loader, and a hopper-wagons discharger. Up to 5 hopper wagons and 10 grain trucks can be handled during a work shift.

Our main goal is to help customers to save their time and energy, to provide them with an opportunity not to worry about cargo safety, and to exclude the possibility to come across an unreliable partner.