Offices in China are closed till the 10th of February

Dear Partners,

Due to the effect of Coronavirus outbreak, many offices, terminals, and warehouses are still being closed or in very limited operation hours (including factories, airlines, shipping lines, customs brokers, etc.)

Chinese agents are going to stop sending the monthly rate table temporarily in order to avoid any kind of confusion. So each rate should be clarified.

For any delivery from/to China, be sure the shipper/consignee factories or warehouses are open and inform us accordingly to follow up on the process.

Many PAX services are canceled at the moment.

Trucking services are limited due to the fact that many inland transportations are strictly prohibited. Many provinces are on 14 days quarantine which affects truck drivers as well. 

However, trucking services from Xiamen to Hong Kong have already begun but they are limited (2-4 trucks per week for LCL deliveries). FCL deliveries can be arranged on the basis of 2 to 3 days of pre-booking. 

As for Sea services, there are many blank sailings during February as many fleets are reduced.

For Taiwan, everything is normal, nothing really affected, only flights to Wuhan.

Services out of Hong Kong to Europe are not seriously affected compare to China, therefore, moving goods out of Hong Kong may be a good option at the moment.


The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a Global Public Health Emergency. 

Offices in China will be closed till the 10th of February.

Our company and our Chinese agents are doing everything possible to minimize possible negative consequences for the clients. We will be grateful for your kind understanding in such a situation.  

Airlines provided notifications on the matter of cancellations and reducing flight operations to mainland China which would be valid till the end of March. More carriers are expected to cancel flights at the nearest time and that will further reduce the capacity in and out of China.

This mainly affects passenger services, but some freight services have been suspended too (European, North American and Australian flag carriers have stopped flying to/from mainland China). As Hong Kong is less affected than other regions there is a possibility to arrange shipment from Shenzhen via HKG airport. But the quantity of available trucking companies is quite limited.

Sea Freight schedules are without any changes at the moment. Some blank sailings were scheduled beforehand due to the Spring Festival Holidays and were not related to the coronavirus. More blank sailings will be added this week. The bookings are expected to be limited, as the factories are not working still.

We will keep you posted on the matter of any changes in schedules.

Thank you for your understanding!