Packing and marking the freights during the transportation by air

The freight air transportation has the number of requirements to be fulfilled when the freight is packed. Freights without the packing or with the inadequate packing aren’t allowed to be transported by air.

The set of requirements to the air freights packing:

  1. The main requirement is the integrity of the packing, accordance with its characteristics to the quality of the delivered freight. The packing should protect the integrity of the freight during the transportation process, protect from the mechanical damages, the negative impact on the environment, and possible illegal stealing. The freight must be packed in the soft or hard packing (container). The soft package must be fastened with ropes or especial sticky tape.
  2. The weight of one cargo space shall not exceed 80 kilograms. The transportation of air freight that exceeds the allowed norm is done according to the preliminarily signed agreement.
  3. The package of the freights given to the air transportation must be clean and dry. Freight shall not have the sharp edges, protrusions and other attributes that could damage of contaminate the space and equipment as well as to cause the damage to other freights, luggage and post as well as to damage the aircraft personnel.

Marking the freight is another important requirement that is necessary during the air delivery. Marking should be clear and readable.

The requirements for the air freights marking:

  • The airfreights marking must be done according to the requirements of State Standard 14192-77 and marking of hazardous freights – according to the requirements of State Standard 19433-81.
  • The freight marking may contain the main and additional informational inscriptions, manipulative signs, labels and so on. It is allowed to apply the warning inscriptions if there is no possibility to express the manner of handling with the freight otherwise, as an example: “Do not put on top,” “Open here” and so on.