We deliver freights by rail using the high-end systems of freight tracking throughout the route, providing the maximal comfort for the client. Our main field is delivery in the rail containers and rail delivery of freights in the farraginous containers. The advantage of the rail delivery is the high reliability and low cost. If you require transporting the oversized cargo, we are ready to provide you with the special platforms, equipped with the locks. In the case of work with the freight requiring the sustainable temperature regimen, we will provide you the refrigerating carriers.



  • Calculation of the tariff and the most convenient route for the railway transportation of the freight,
  • Payment for the rail transportation and all the additional fees at the expense of the shipper, receiver or the third party,
  • Document formalization of the rail freight delivery and of payment of the tariff by means of railways of Ukraine, CIS countries, Balkan countries, Western Europe and Asia,
  • Operations of loading and unloading,
  • Work out of routes of railway delivery and unloading,
  • Rail transportation of freights in the refrigerating containers,
  • Operative dispatcher control,
  • Port forwarding, loading/repacking of carriers/containers,
  • Control of reloading at border crossings in Chop, Yagodyn, Mostiska,
  • Customs declaration and clearance of documents at customs,
  • Regular railway shuttles in the specialized container trains: train “Odessa” (Odessa-Moscow), train “Podolye” (Illichivsk/Odessa-Khmelnitsky), train “Khreshchatyk” (Illichivsk/Odessa-Kyiv), train “Dniprovets” (Illichivsk/Odessa-Dnipro), train “Kharkiv” (Illichivsk/Odessa-Kharkiv), and train “Viking” (Illichivsk/Odessa-Klaipeda).


Container transportation by FORMAG FORWARDING company is not only fast and safe delivery of your cargo to any point, but loading/unloading, formation of the scheme of cargo’s fastening  to assure the full security of the freight along the way, tracking the containers and provision of the according information to the client (about the dislocation of the movement). Thus, we provide the full range of possible services allowing transportation of the freight with the full comfort to any point in Ukraine, the closest countries abroad, and countries of CIS, as well as control of the freight at any stage and time.